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Whore For Your Touch, an erotic poem

Whore For Your Touch (Erotic Poem)

Whore For Your Touch I want to touch my nipples… I’m thinking about you sucking my clit like a little hard cock, your mouth making love to my juicy peach as your fingers play with my melons. Sometimes I’m resentful of your writing, always have

Fucking Damn, an Erotic Poem

Fucking Damn (Erotic Poem)

FUCKING DAMN Fucking damn, you make me so horny. I get lost in you. Heat storm building, wet gushing rushing, torrential potential. And all I can say is oh baby ooh baaby oooh baaaby OOOOH BAAAABY G-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R! I love you. I fucking love you. I

Golden Goddess, an Erotic Poem

Golden Goddess (Erotic Poem)

GOLDEN GODDESS Oh, my Golden Goddess, Crowned by love A wave of desire from nowhere comes. I hear your summons, To taste you. Tease you. Tempt you. My heart pounds. The thought of one caress, And my body trembles. To your hunger, I submit. Called

I Can't Stop Smiling, an Erotic Poem

I Can’t Stop Smiling (Erotic Poem)

I CAN’T STOP SMILING You went down on me lovingly, like in my recent fantasy, a request sent psychically, silently received and fulfilled. All I desired was happening. Sighing your praises, Blissfully writhing as you plunged your tongue in, out, and all around, exploring laviously,

Siren Song, an Erotic Poem

Siren Song (Erotic Poem)

Siren Song Do you feel an urge, Are you suddenly aroused? It’s my siren song calling you home, To a package waiting to be discovered. Rising serpent of desire, hot, wet, and sweet. You were grinding and moaning, as if giving birth to a new

Innocence Lost The Massage

Innocence Lost (Erotic Poem)

Innocence Lost (The Massage) A virgin ship sailing, I embarked on the journey of you, Kneading fingers navigating my every position, Heart racing with a desire that only a woman can understand, Once she’s met the power of a man, One who can take her,


Tormented (Erotic Poem)

Tormented This is what I meant, When I said you were killing me. I’m tormented by my own insanity Over you. I am so tired Of hurting, Of crying, Of longing, Of this trying that insists, Of waiting, Of aching, Of wanting, Of this need


Seduction (Erotic Poem)

Seduction I have forgotten my own name, Demon, misleader, driving me insane. Taunting tainted fruit not for my tasting, As in the juices of lust I’m basting. Believing I’m climbing higher, All along damning my heart with this fire. Slowly binding to passions you’re inflicting,

Mystery, an Erotic Poem

Mystery (Erotic Poem)

MYSTERY I wish you could know how it feels to be me, When I let you inside to seek, Looking for what you seem to need. Some nights you enter ever so tender, Others you ravage and plunder, Pervading primed lips as I silently wonder,


Locks (Erotic Poem)

Locks Come to me, lay with me, I want to take you all in deeply. Steal your air, smell your skin, Tempt in silent darkness bare. Detect for what I protect, treasure, As you dare to explore for pleasure. And if you wish for entry It shall be