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Golden Goddess (Erotic Poem)


Oh, my Golden Goddess,
Crowned by love
A wave of desire from nowhere comes.
I hear your summons,
To taste you. Tease you. Tempt you.
My heart pounds.
The thought of one caress,
And my body trembles.
To your hunger, I submit.
Called to solve the unsolvable – Nature’s mystery.
The wild awakens within.
We writhe to ecstasy’s rhythm.
Perfect pieces pieced perfectly.
Power, pleasure, passion, pain
No longer contained.
All Wrapped in you.
Smothered by your sways.
Melted by your moans.
I am. You are. And we are no more.
In a shock of grandeur,
We are catapulted away,
And merge.
My luminous one,
I bask in your radiant glow.
For I have tasted love eternal.
And can want for no more.
Rendered Spent, your Love-Struck Whore.

Poem by A.J. Martin