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A Reading for Shari

Letter from Shari… Hi Shelley ~ My daughter (Cherie) not Megan this is my real daughter by another man. Well, Friday night her dad hit her bruised her face up and made her nose bleed. I know now I shoulda called the cops but they


Speaking Your Truth

A question from Jonathon… How do you know when speaking your truth is right? Dear Shelley, My name is Jonathan and I was reading some of the stuff on your site and found what you had to say very interesting. I wouldn’t normally write someone

butterfly change form chrysalis

The End & The Means

Written in December of 1999 After we got off the phone, I was lead by Spirit’ to read this passage. I wanted to share it with you, because I think you will connect with it. It reflected to me the person that I see you



Written in 1999 When I was with you last, I lay there praying to God while you were sleeping…. “Thy will and not my will be done”… because I know He knows what is best… not me. I just don’t want to lose you for

letting in the light

Truth, Manipulation & Game Playing

Written in August of 1999 A wise person once told me, that the TRUTH is more important than ANYTHING, even love. I’ve since learned that love can not truly exist outside of the TRUTH and that nothing real or good can be founded on a fallacy.

Jealousy, Fear & Insecurity

Written in September of 1999 How do I begin? Once again, you have inspired me to write and that’s a good thing (smile), although this is going to be a tough subject for me. But, regardless of it being a difficult topic, I don’t ever want

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God, Love & Destiny

Written in August of 1999 You said you can never get to deep, so I thought I would share some more of what I believe with you. I want you to know that my beliefs are flexible and changing. I think it can be dangerous

Coping with Death and Pain

Coping with Death and Pain

Dealing with the Death of My Mother I was asked in an e-mail, HOW I CAME UP WITH MY BELIEFS? This was my reply: I came up with my beliefs by seeking the truth. I prayed to God to send the Holy Spirit to guide


My 1st REAL Letter to a Guy

We met at a party and were emailing each other to get to know one another. He hadn’t asked me out yet, but I was very much hoping that he would. I wanted him to know where I was coming from first though, because I was