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A Reading for Shari


Letter from Shari...

Hi Shelley ~ My daughter (Cherie) not Megan this is my real daughter by another man. Well, Friday night her dad hit her bruised her face up and made her nose bleed. I know now I shoulda called the cops but they sent her to a friends house for the night her friend saw the whole thing! For years I have been in & outta court battling because I gave her to my gram when I was 19 I was an alcoholic! Soon after I recovered got her back only to not live in a lasting marriage with a man in a wheel chair that was old enough to be my dad. I loved him but not the way we fall in love~I moved in with my gram again to argue with her and bam she took her to her dads to live and threw me out. So I have been thru quite alot with this thing with my and the husband I am with we went to court to try to get her the judge ordered anger counseling first in the mean time she moved in with her grandma then back to dads when I was finished my classes… We didn’t want to hurt her being she had made a decision to live with dad again… Now this stuff is so far out of hand I guess I should get involved I just seem to have horrible luck with getting her back! They are really like not the best people to deal with they call social services for everything I am studying Wicca and as soon as her grandma (his mom) finds out that will be next. Anyways his mom wants her to stay with her I am not crazy about this she’s an alcoholic and likes to be dramatic argues alot with people… I think my home is best she will have her own room etc we live well (meaning we have rules and structure here a nice place as well but we live good) her dad doesn’t ground her and take privileges he hits her which I don’t like that at all he could kill her~He beat on me and I left when she was one year old…He put stitches in my head and leg hitting me. I just don’t want to neglect this any longer has done this one time I said ok then he was put on paxill… But two times that’s not excusable behavior for a parent! Shari*

My Answer (a Tarot Reading)

Dear Sweet Shari,

That’s not excusable behavior for anyone… period. He needs help, and so does your daughter and everyone involved. I’m not judging anyone here, but merely pointing out the obvious. I’m doing a reading at this moment, asking for the guidance to reveal to you what you most need to be aware of in this time of tribulation. Here goes…

There is clearly an escapism issue going on here on her father’s part, as well as on everyone else’s. And, all involved are in some manner being made to face issues from the past concerning alcohol abuse and related family escapism patterns. You’re all being taught that you must face reality and defeat these old patterns from the past, by learning to make different choices. You are being asked to shed your old skins for new coats of brilliant colors.

Her father is hiding from reality by burying his face in a glass. This is not wrong but necessary, so that everyone involved may be forced to ask themselves very hard questions that will strip them to the very core of who they really are. It’s like being burned, refined by fire, which eventually gives birth to a diamond inside. This is sometimes described as diamond consciousness… and when you achieve it, you act as a prism of light and radiate a beautiful aura. Your ex is acting out of his own need to find himself. Everyone involved is left with a choice in this matter that makes them ask themselves what is right… what will I take away from this experience, and how can I live with myself once I do? Each of you is pealing away who you really are at the core of your being, by having to make tough life altering decisions. Each choice that’s made is causing a reaction (known as karma) that will give birth to something else, another situation you each must face. So… you want to make sure you are each always creating a win-win situation, instead of competing with each other to win glory for your own egos. Each of you is molding yourself into who you already are at your very core. You are making yourself into who you want to be, by your very own command. Every choice is a voice you use to call your reality into being… It’s also known as free will, and is our greatest gift.

You already know the answer in your heart about who to contact and what to do. I cannot offer such advice. I can only guide you in finding it out for yourself. If you’ll only be still long enough to listen to what it’s telling you, you will know what is right. The toughest choices you have to make are the ones that test you the most. The hardest answer to give yourself is often times the right answer. The right answer always seems to be the answer you will resist most hearing, as it usually requires the greatest amount of personal-ego sacrifice. The right answer is the one that struggles for its life against your alter-ego (your mask who offers up excuses), and defends the you-you want everyone to believe you to be.

You, your daughter, your ex, his mother, must all learn to stop denying your authentic (real) selves… the person each of you is beyond your fears, vanity, pride, defenses, masks, roles, lies, make-believe-wish-I-could-if-only lives, that are fighting for control.

You are each learning about how to find true and lasting peace, that can only come from within. We are all cups looking to be filled up with love, but true contentment comes from radiating love out… not by holding on to it. Being empty so that love may continually pass through you and fill you at the same time, is a hard lesson to learn, and requires dedication to learning it, and a hollowing out of all that’s in the center that gets in the way… things like fears, vanity, pride, defenses, masks, roles, lies, make-believe-wish-I-could-if-only, so that you may be molded like pottery into the channel of light you are meant to be. It’s what is meant by having a light body. Each must accomplish the learning of letting go. Each of you must face your attachments to how you think things must be in order for you to be happy. Each of you will eventually, through these trials, learn that the best results come from striving for the happiness of everyone.

All souls search for everlasting peace and contentment. It’s this very searching that keeps evolution on its course. There is no real chaos, only the appearance of such. When one is on the conscious path of awakening, one starts to recognize and correct patterns of behavior, and begins to understand how to break attachments to old beliefs of who they are, and emerge (like a butterfly) into a more fulfilled being… a being that radiates more light, more enthusiasm, more contentment, and is more joyously expressive and accepting.

Everyone involved here is being shown, as in a mirror, the very pool of energy they are swimming in, through their own beliefs about who they are. And each of you is being offered a guiding light in the darkness. That guiding light is truth… be honest with your-Self, and you will be finding your way out of the labyrinth created by your own doubts and fears… you will see exactly what you need to do (decide) in order to find a place of serenity within. The way is simple, and the path is always made clear by honesty. It starts with honesty to yourself above all things. First you must find that place of honesty inside you, then you must live it, and use it to create your reality… to make your dreams come true. Everyone is searching for their dream, their ultimate reality to bring them peace of mind, stillness.

There will be another event that will take place in the immediate future, a truth that will come out and cause a breaking down of old patterns. It will give way to a new understanding for all. Focus and attention are required in order to achieve what you really want. You must give it your mind, heart, body and soul. Give it the works…

These issues you are dealing with are deep rooted in your childhood, and you are seeing how you have passed them down to your daughter by the example set early in her life. She is also dealing with these same childhood issues as she becomes a woman. These repeated patterns of behavior, of not being true to who you really are, and trying to escape your lives, has caused each of you to make yourselves into something that someone else says you should be… in order for you to receive praise, attention, and acceptance… those things that make you feel you are loved.

You have attracted to yourself, through your need to recognize and break these old patterns, a group of other souls who are also learning these same lessons, so that they may be forced to evolve. There is no escaping this merry-go-round until you each finally learn to be honest with everyone at all times… no matter how you think it may be received… no matter how you think it will make someone else feel, or whether they will confirm to you that you are making the right decision. Only you know what is right for you. We are never responsible for how someone else feels. Perception (how we see things) is the key to our reality. Our lives are how we make them through what we choose to believe. Everything is true… all thoughts are true because they exist. When we believe something, we will prove it to our selves to be true, for as it creates our life’s situations it is also confirming to us our very faith in it. We can choose to change what we believe, and change our lives in the process. If it is thought, then it is real. A thought which is a thing, creates an emotional reaction, which then gives birth to another more far reaching thing. Like a sonic blast it echoes repeatedly through infinite space, forever creating continuous reactions without limits, without boundaries, beyond conceivability… Like a pebble thrown in a pond.

Your daughter has been reflecting to you, and you to her, a need to learn about attachment. It is a lesson about mastering and bringing into balance your emotions. It’s about learning how to offer longevity and loyalty to others, through learning how to express your feelings without using possessiveness, jealousy, blame, seduction or manipulation as factors in your communication. You must remove these temptations from you when you express yourself and your position to others. Always ask yourself what your “motivation” is. Always ask yourself WHY and HOW before you make a decision. Question your motives, and test yourself to see if you are being selfish and trying to control the situation to reach an outcome of your own desire, before choosing. Teach your daughter to ask herself the same questions. Teach her to be strong in her right to choose freedom over a prison of lies she could be constructing for herself. Teach your daughter how to follow the song of her own heart… no matter what!

You are looking for spiritual truth, love, and someone to consciously expand and create with. You must learn to have spiritual bravery, and exemplify it to and for your daughter. Show her how to stand up for what she believes in by being an example to her… Tell her where you are coming from, explain WHY, and have the courage to live by what you know to be true… ALWAYS… because it is the answer you received from within, from that place of real love (not selfishness disguised as love), a place of clearness (peace of mind) that radiates from inside… not because you BELIEVE it to be true, but because you KNOW it to be true, because you have PROVEN it to yourself through practice and patience, and KNOW it is right. KNOW that you are being true to your own heart. In any situation this is the only thing that will keep you from creating a prison-reality constructed of lies… These lies (even what you think to be little white lies) will gradually build over your life-time, a castle up around you in which you will live. This fortress will become your home, built for you by your own voice-of-choice… by your own belief that your decisions have been for your own safety and security in this seeming dog-eat-dog world. Eventually though, you will feel as if you are imprisoned by your own mote. You will desire to escape the very existence you have worked so hard to create. You will break it down any way you can, either consciously or unconsciously. You must face every mask you wear, and then tear it off and discard it, showing everyone your true identity, before you can truly ever be happy.

You are hoping to bring people together to create a greater whole. You can do this by learning and teaching your daughter at the same time, how to prevent self doubt. When you are over-analytical, then when you are faced with a choice, you will go back and forth between two situations, two people, two issues etc. You are going to be facing such dilemmas in this very situation in the upcoming future, and all you need to do when they arise is listen to your own honest answers from within. Your inner guide speaks from that place where everything is stripped away except for love. Your heart will show you the way. Teach yourself and your daughter through your trials as you walk them together. Talk to her as if she can understand… open up and tell her what I am telling you. Let her read this too. No matter what, she will be ok, as long as she listens to her self, and uses her real authentic voice to speak. Working together, the two of you can create a new life, a more loving and peaceful existence. When you are interfering with your own mind, and feel caught in a state of doubt or confusion, it is a time to wait, not to act. The next eight weeks and the next eight months will bring much needed clarity. Trust and wait instead of overanalyzing for the purpose of attempting to control the situation.

Ask for the answer to be revealed to you. ~ Ask to know, and it will be so ~ Trust only in yourself. Ask for a sign through a dream, or something unmistakable, that brings you peace in knowing. It will be done, for that is the answer the Holy Spirit brings always, as promised.

Honesty is more important than love. What we believe love to be is not always love. The highest form of love is compassion, and the will to sacrifice yourself for a greater good. Honesty reveals love; it is the only way to find it. It is a corner stone on which love builds its house. Be true to yourself; it’s the only way you can be true to your daughter. All will turn out for the best for everyone involved.

With Love, and a peace in KNOWING that all is as it should be,


P.S. – My feeling is that your daughter will be moving in with you soon. Focus on and ask for what is BEST for her. Know that you are better now, and live your new being into reality. I see a new home in Cherie’s future that is filled with much more security, one that provides a much better foundation for her success. Trust in this and all will be well.