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The End & The Means

butterfly change form chrysalis

Written in December of 1999

After we got off the phone, I was lead by Spirit’ to read this passage. I wanted to share it with you, because I think you will connect with it. It reflected to me the person that I see you as and the person I see you wanting and trying to be… as am I.

I could never fall in love with someone who did not want to be a spiritually beautiful person on the inside… who did not fear God… or who wasn’t capable of understanding my desire to follow Christ. I am afraid of loosing that battle… of being not only sidetracked, but derailed from my mission.

That is one of the reasons I love you and need you in my life. I see these same things in you when you share yourself with me, by letting me in sometimes… when we drop our shields and really allow ourselves to talk to each other. We both share a deep desire for goodness and unconditional love in our lives. You are an example of strength for me to follow (even though I don’t think you can see it).

Here is the passage…

A soldier takes orders from another and is thus not fully responsible for his own actions. A seeker, on the other hand, makes his own decisions and takes full responsibility for his actions. A Spiritual Seeker is not a person who is at war with others; his/her battles are with the ‘Self’ – with the Adversary within, with the ego!… It is striving for a higher purpose… It is having the ability to give up something of value for the greater good of others, and to achieve a long term improvement in one’s own life. You must have singleness of purpose and clear direction… and have courage, and honor and victory in conflict… however your true nature should not be warlike, but should be one of determination, of reaching the mark whatever difficulties may be encountered, but by means that are Just…

“The means are what determine the end and shape its eventual character.”