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Little Girl Without A Shield

Delicate flowers were blooming in my garden for you. They revealed vulnerable treasures and the pollinators feasted on their sweet nectar. Then suddenly they were plucked up and put on display. My feelings at their leaving scared me. Now the field lies fallow, wanton for

The Form & The Formless

Meditation on The Form & The Formless

Form rises from the Formless, is held and sustained by the Formless, and eventually returns to the Formless, to be cast again as a new Form. At all times the Form and the Formless are One, forever and ever. There is nothing less than the

Song, an Erotic Poem


Send forth your tongue. Speak to me how only you can. Stir my embers with your praise, And raise me to song.  


Soul Sharing

Here you’ll find erotic poems, love poems, and spiritual poems sent to me over the years in response to reading this website. These poems were sent to me by people who were touched by my own poetry, that wanted to share a piece of their souls with me



As I cry silent tears I realize, I will never cover the loss of you With the band-aid of someone new. Until my heart heals, I will leave it exposed for all to see, No longer suffering alone in misery. I will let the air we all share

In Your Arms

In Your Arms

Longing, your manhood pressed against me Body firm, yet lips so soft Surprising, the gentleness of your touch Eyes piercing depths Illuminating vulnerability A face from dreams Awakens in my reality A port offering shelter To a ship returning home From a perilous journey Amidst



I must tell you these words pure Coming straight from my soul still whole Before the devil in me they must endure Taking them when kept inside for long Raking them over with her song Making them her own Holding them Scolding them Molding them Folding



The way you look at me Is like no one else sees Your glances pierce my heart Your stares mend my soul A darkness brews behind your eyes Baffling brilliant blue As silently you stew A smile of mystery on your lips I ache inside

Silent Conversations, a Love Poem

Silent Conversations

You tempt with proposition Begging me to tease Plotting to ensnare My tongue wrestles possibilities Answers to what-ifs Dance in imagination Never touching skin Lost in silent conversations That never begin  

Love Poem Shadows


I’ve spent lifetimes with the Devil Contemplating what you need And have come to offer comfort In request to your thought lost plea I fear not your haunting darkness Which is but the shadow of your light Cast against the backdrop of life As your