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Dark December

A poem by Conscious Evolution (a response to Dark November)

Love Poem Dark December

Dark December, a Love Poem

All alone in this concrete jungle
Where darkness comes early
And the pavement is cold
With hard gnashing teeth
Stone buildings stand without emotion
People zigzagging back and forth
Emptiness filling their eyes
Blind folded I find safety in ignorance
In the gray darkness I hunger for that place
That place where you are where the candle light flickers
Where the quilts are thick and warm
Where there are no clothes where anything goes
You are my escape from this hard square world
I love your curves they make me human again
Let me burry myself in you where limp and weak trees grow
And become strong and alive again
Be my organic garden nourish me with your love and tender touches
Give me the warmth and safety of your bosom
Hold me like a loving child and I will do the same
Let go with me and let us fall asleep in each other’s arms
A place where there is no cold
A place where the candlelight flickering allows no darkness
Because even when I close my eyes
I see the Light being with you