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My Prayer

Love Poem Prayer

Prayer, a Love Poem

Thank you, unfathomable womb in which we create, for the knowledge you so freely give when asked, about from where and why things come.

Praise be to you for sight, as I stand in the veil of seeming reality, eyes wide open, letting in the light of truth.

I find peace in the wisdom of knowing what to want. As the hands of destiny and free-will clasp, I offer myself in service to the highest good.

You are my comforter when the Harvester approaches to reap His bounty, as I prepare to navigate the road of seeming opposites.

May my love shine as a beacon to others who now walk on roads dim-lit with pain, screaming out “WHY?”.

I hold my urn unto the sky and ask that it be filled for pouring, on to others passing by, as the wheel of life keeps turning.

My will is Thy Will; what is Thy Will for me today? And right away you say, “Just BE Love.”