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In His Blue Eyes

In His Blue Eyes, a Love Poem

He was singing when I met him, “Where did the magic go”?
He didn’t see it there, behind his stare, hiding deep below.
Lost gold shimmering, submerged in fathomless blue,
His eyes yearning to grasp what his soul already knew.
Locked in a gaze unrecognized, I struggled to get past those eyes,
Piercing with intensity, cutting into me.
“He’s this ‘magic’ that he seeks”, I told myself, my fortress weak.
Spellbound, bewitched by his sound, enchanted by the danger I almost drowned,
While reflecting in those pools of blue, that soothed the burn I always knew.
Then came all the questioning, so familiar was the ring…
Is this what I’ve been waiting for? Am I standing at love’s door?
Should I knock or run like hell? Which path to take? Only time will tell.
Is it my heart again I’ll lose, only to reclaim once more?
Or will it be my pride that finally learns to step aside, as I crash upon his shore?
Will to the four winds he scatter the seeds? Cast me towards my destiny?
Will I be left all alone? In a rocking ocean of insane emotion?
Should I go in or stay outside? Walk, or take this ride?
Must I risk my heart again? Accept more loss before I can win?
Will love bloom from this need? Or will I find that I can still bleed?
Then, catching my breath – “STOP” – I thought,
And exhaling I released my tainted plot.
Knowing I couldn’t live in his eyes forever,
I banished my desire to control, and the glare was severed.
I have learned beyond all doubt, that no matter how loud fate may shout.
That it will be worth it, because I will grow, finding more of my soul to know
As I walk the road of him.
Knowing it can only lead to truth’s discovery,
I set out committed to discarding my own lies,
All from one moment in his blue eyes.