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Little Girl Without A Shield

Little Girl Without a Shield

Delicate flowers were blooming in my garden for you.
They revealed vulnerable treasures and the pollinators feasted on their sweet nectar.
Then suddenly they were plucked up and put on display.
My feelings at their leaving scared me.
Now the field lies fallow, wanton for new seed and sweet morning dew.
How my heart cries for the tenderness of your kisses unrestrained.
My lover is gone and I know not if or when he will return.
My heart is broken into pieces.
This pain feels strange but familiar.
The sting of loss is a deep well of sorrow mixed with equal parts joy.
Where did you go and why does it hurt me so?
Where did this rejection come from; this ejection from Paradise burns.
Fear lies in every direction and I weep at your passing…
Your passing me by without a glance, a smile, a touch, an embrace.
The sun’s heat left with you and cast me into the cold darkness all alone.
Where once a warrior stood in need of nothing
Is now a little girl without a shield crying out to be rescued.