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No Name

Love Poem No Name

I am consumed by a wanting
But for what is uncertain
A need to feel alive
An urgency lives inside
Scratching, screaming
Trying to claw its way out
Blood poisoned by passion
Restlessness confined
In a cage full of rage
With just enough space to pace
Knowing it will come
That day I will run free
Only a name will bring peace
Cease the torturing pleas
Roaring in the dark void of mind
Beckoning come find
To look within
To find meaning in existence
Demanding definition of destiny
A living torch that cannot be extinguished
Incinerated by tempestuous flames
The only relief from burning
Is found in your arms
In your presence the longing subsides
I get anxious at the thought of leaving
Knowing like an old familiar friend
It will return to eat at me again
With ravenous hunger
Until I walk through your door
With you I want to do those things
Imagined, yet left unsaid
To turn this animal loose, no restraint
Dare you let me close enough
To scorch you with desire
Will you be my brave knight
Slay this dragon breathing fire?