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Love Poem Refelction


Do you know That in this world, Where most people seem to be Out for only “what’s in it for me,” That you are a rare find? I recognize how special you are, Amidst the mindless imitations. You are like the brightest star, Twinkling in



There’s no need to search any more I’ll be the sand upon your shore The harbor that you seek Surrender will not make you weak It is in strength that you will grow If you offer your soul for me to know  

Redemption, a Love Poem


Damned is my soul from this pain As it clutches to remembrance of you Living in an ancient past better yet forgotten Will you ever come sweet redemption  



Stepping off another cloud, Trying to cut through this shroud, While heeding to an angel’s call, Trusting naught will let me fall, I float ever gently down, Responding to the grounding pull, As with resounding pounding wings, My heart flies ever upward full With hope

In His Blue Eyes

In His Blue Eyes

He was singing when I met him, “Where did the magic go”? He didn’t see it there, behind his stare, hiding deep below. Lost gold shimmering, submerged in fathomless blue, His eyes yearning to grasp what his soul already knew. Locked in a gaze unrecognized, I struggled

Bye Love

Bye Love

Bye love. I can’t be with you, now or ever. You’re no good for me. Oh God how I want to cry, Saying these words, Tears form in my eyes. I haven’t allowed myself To feel such pain in so long. I can’t bare to

Love Poem Prayer

My Prayer

Thank you, unfathomable womb in which we create, for the knowledge you so freely give when asked, about from where and why things come. Praise be to you for sight, as I stand in the veil of seeming reality, eyes wide open, letting in the

fallen angel


Fallen angel redeemed Giving birth to new wings Wrenches in pain crying Rain falling on her cocoon She sighs “let it be soon” To the sky as she dreams about flying  

Love Poem Imminence


Imminence A scene, a nightmare Flashing by me like a dream No storyline Only symbolism to define Dark night, moonlight Reflecting off waves An eerie purple haze Frailly treading rough sea A ship sailing distant Would it spot me Save me from this vulnerability Truth

Love Poem The Quest

The Quest

Your black tower calls in my brightest hour, Pleading for me to keep my own power, Whispering come back, by false love be subdued, But I know in that place I will not be renewed. So I raise my shield and stand in what’s real,