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Risking The Ride

Even in writing this I fight the urge to diverge Mind racing, a myriad of splinters All faces concocted Concurring to own your heart Scenarios and schemes Swirling scenes of allurement Designed fantasies for control Aching to indulge I tease myself With tempting power As dreams slip away

Love Poem Prisoner of The Knight

Prisoner of The Knight

You know me not by day, the night is my domain. That is when you come for me. I long for your slumber, Impatiently anticipating your touch Until the moon rises once again.   That place beyond is where you find me, Drunk with anticipation,

Love Poem No Name

No Name

I am consumed by a wanting But for what is uncertain A need to feel alive An urgency lives inside Scratching, screaming Trying to claw its way out Blood poisoned by passion Restlessness confined In a cage full of rage With just enough space to pace

Love Poem Time Master of Illusion

Time Master of Illusion

I need more time alone to think To capture phantom thoughts That elude conscious memory Loudly they call, but I go too fast to hear I need more time to ponder, to wander Screaming to be delivered from this madness I pray for silence as

Love Poem Why


I know why you are here; An awakening is coming. Are you ready? If you play with fire It will burn you to your core, Reveal who you really are. Everything not real Will fall away, Leaving you alone, With yourself. To be born anew


Sassy Cat

Lyrics to the Finding Mr. Right theme song, written for me by Mark McCord in Austin, Texas. You’re my Inspiration You know exactly how I feel You ooze motivation A pretty smile that seals the deal You’re my Sassy Cat You’re my girl Searchin’ for

Love Poem Dark December

Dark December

A poem by Conscious Evolution (a response to Dark November) All alone in this concrete jungle Where darkness comes early And the pavement is cold With hard gnashing teeth Stone buildings stand without emotion People zigzagging back and forth Emptiness filling their eyes Blind folded

Woman Scorpio Silhouette

Dark November

A vampire’s slave twice bitten Shrinking from the day’s rays I crave the blood of Scorpio’s passion Absent is the light of inspiration As I burrow in the underworld A blindfolded warrior with free hands I refuse to look up To remove what veils my