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Risking The Ride

Risking The Ride, a Love Poem

Even in writing this
I fight the urge to diverge
Mind racing, a myriad of splinters
All faces concocted
Concurring to own your heart
Scenarios and schemes
Swirling scenes of allurement
Designed fantasies for control
Aching to indulge I tease myself
With tempting power
As dreams slip away in an instant
Of who I wish to be
Lost in your sighs my heart cries
Asking for remembrance
As everything’s forgotten in a moment
That can never last
Instantly all becoming the past
In this insanity called us
It takes everything decent to refrain
From this need to be worshiped
As I crave to hold you like no other
To mold you into submission with no permission
Heals buried deep in a desire to make you mine
I stand firm and am refined
Tongue resisting speech
That would pour sweet words of honey
Conspiring to reign with fire
Baptized in lust’s holy waters
I see everything I am
Pushed to the limits in you
A compliment to a king
Hot breath giving wings to a rising serpent
Redemption mounting my spine
Triumphant every time I tell you the truth
One more day keeping the darkness at bay
I couldn’t become any stronger
Or find joy in myself any longer
If I had not you as a mirror
An image of strength growing clearer
It takes everything I have
To subdue this temptation to seduce
To make you “fall” in love with me
Unsure that I can give it in return
My soul must not break
My will to good cannot fall
To the enticement to manipulate
Sacrificing freedom to an admirer of lies
The spirit of truth must have free reign
In my domain of dichotomy subdued
Beautiful and strong I need you
To show me my own reflection
Weaknesses consumed in ashes of glory
I cling to the lover that lives inside
The one that must not hide or be tamed
Who when running wild
Finds unsurpassed joy
A release not brought by the hand of man
Yet still I risk the ride