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Soul Sharing


Here you’ll find erotic poems, love poems, and spiritual poems sent to me over the years in response to reading this website.

These poems were sent to me by people who were touched by my own poetry, that wanted to share a piece of their souls with me in return. Some authors have wished to remain anonymous, so where no credit is given, it is by specific request.

Angel Seeker

“Oh angel, sent from heaven
Will you be my virtue or my insanity
Will you be my sweet nectar of life
Or my hemlock that will put me to rest.

My Soul yearns for the sweetness of her beauty
Delightful dreams ever breathing on my consciousness
Generous portions of her, touching ever touching
Ever made whole, two being made one.

Let my prayer ever ascend to its lofty heights
To release that which is in me
To give life, and action to my spirit
To enfold within my garment, angels honey.”

BP. 12=29-03

‘Queen Aiesha’

Poor, Poor girl who cries to see if she is still alive,
Who may not feel what others feel and often asks why.
Who gives so much just to receive the love she needs at home,
Who thinks so hard she looses sight of what is really wrong.

Poor, Poor girl who wears all black to give herself an edge,
Who cannot escape the truth in thoughts that dance between her legs.
She is the jewel so forgotten in the Royal Tombs we raid,
That she herself forgets she exists and soon begins to fade.

Poor, Poor girl who doesn’t know what love is or how it feels,
Who searches for the slightest touch that hints it may be real.
Who couldn’t pray in times of need because it felt so fake,
Who found her faith in the darkest place and gave into her fate.

Poor, Poor girl that latches on to people she don’t need,
And feels she misses out on things if she can’t hear or see.
But this poor girl I swear i love and that truly does scare me,
For loving her, from what I’ve seen, shouldn’t be this easy.



Loneliness like a shroud
I feel the weight
No choice, but to become it’s friend
My only companion
The most beautiful music is muffled
Taunting me
Beyond my reach
I want so much to feel it
Loneliness like an ocean
No one in sight
Thrown by storms and their ghosts
I will not drown



PEACE (the gift)… I am surrounded by energy and what nature has given to me… PEACE… oh’ the beauty of the soul to the inner child… Its’ power is whole!! As you look into your heart, open the door… Let the wings of spirit be free to soar! Relax and take this journey with me… For twas peace that brought me unto my Destiny!

To all…Wishing you inner peace!!


“Something Corny I Can’t Seem to Close”

With piercing stares
And stumbling speech
You placed yourself
Within my reach

Curious and delighted
I played it up
Never thinking
It would come to much

Then in a moment
The disingenuous dare
A drink, some fun
I did not care

Lust and passion
Both explored
Kept us both
Asking for more

Night passed
With a day anew
I kept wondering
“Is this really you?”

Can I keep this up
Or do this again
When it feels great
And also like sin

It would be so easy
If I were single
Run over you and
Let our bodies mingle

The advice you give
Reads like a riddle
My life in the balance
Caught in the middle

Confused I ask
“Please give me your lesson?”
What to do
That is the question

You say “I may not be ready…
Maybe I should run.”
Deeper understanding
Or was it just fun?


Fantasies Lies

I remember how you inspire me
In joy I knew you then
So fair
So soft
So free

The joy I felt
I feel again
So far
So good
for me

Then Suddenly
You’re there again
So love
So me
That’s when

And I’ll wait
till morrow
takes you there
So try
So long
till then

-N.N. Jones
“Someday Soon”

I want to escape, jump from a place of suffocation and misery.
Lose myself within the rain and never look back again.
Dive from these heights and fall to grace within your arms.
These tears that fall. invisible. no one tastes them but me.
Soon. whispers of someday, maybe some way, soon.
Lifeless eyes glaring at me
soulless claws reach for me in the depths of my delusional nightmares.
bruises around my wrists, legs, heart.
Delusion??? Then how is it this is real???
Pain is very real! My plan, to jump from hell
and fall into the arms of heaven. Soon.
“You are everything”

You are everything
Ocean deep and heaven high
The farthest extremes of perfection

You are everything
The only song I want to sing
The melody that dances on the wind

You are everything
You are the thunder that rolls across my skies
You are the lightning that flashes in my eyes

You are everything
My earth, my sky, my moon
The very soil beneath my feet
Every star up above

You are breath; you are life,
The blood flowing through my veins
My past, my present, my future
And everything in between

You are a raging hurricane
A storm almost out of control
You are a soft, cool rain
on a hot summer night
You are the calmness in my lifes oceans

You are everything
You are the shimmering gold
of every sunrise and sunset
The sun could never rise without
you to gaze upon

You are the gates that swing open
always asking me in
You are the tallest tree
dancing in the wind

You are the mountain stream
Flowing with innocence
and beauty
You are everything

You are dreams in wake
You are wishes answered
You are prayers granted
You are fantasies lived

You My Love, are everything
“Burning Out Of Control”

My heart is on fire…
and it is you that is blazing
scorching, igniting my desires…
Be still my dancing heart…
To fill the heat of your touch
sliding through me…
My need of you
burns through the sheets where
my thirsty body lays…
Forests of passion burning…
raging out of control…
This heart is aflame …
It is you that I crave …
Ashes at your feet
begging eyes
wanting more
of you…
burn me …
“A Knight Without Me”

My body quivering lost in fear
Darkness surrounds my senses
Evil has swarmed in every chamber of my being
and I have choked from the ugliness of it

Yet now I am breathless
from another name of agony
The torment of Loneliness
Not feeling your sun filled touch

My body should be washed
in the syrup of your emotions
I could drown
in the honey of your needs

My Knight
out of armor
Stallion free…

Cover me with your shield of love
Impale me with your sword of truth
And never again
allow the dragon
to penetrate our walk of Camelot

Purest treasure, palm to palm,
entwined fingers giving breath…
Your home is where my heart is
Your flowing sea permiates my shores…
Heart more bright and brilliant
than the strongest combination
of all the celestial bodies
The skies are full of majesty…
yet you are right here with me…
Your value is unimaginable
Your light…
How can I ever be worthy?
Your secrets I have searched endlessly for
Your answers I would give eternity for
You have been there just beyond the grasp of reality
toying with my memories…
splashing in the pools of our destiny….
dancing within my dreams and fantasies for centuries
The golden fire within your earth tone eyes
skin bronzed by my lips
The fire falling from the skies, onyx blanketing us,
Endurance, blood, lies, heartaches and shattered dreams
Everything to get to you
You are not of this earth
My beautiful winged lover
heaven opened its gates and allowed your escape
into the arms of this earth bound woman
who has prayed for you since childhood
There was never a reason before you
There was never a direction until you
Now… the reason, my direction clear
My every purpose in life
You were created because I was coming
You of godly posture,
exquisite and strong
Breath of God within your sighs
I am lost within your eyes
I am held captive within your arms
Wrap me in your angel wings and love me

Harshest of air that fills these lungs
Wouldn’t it be easier to set me free?
Starless skies of blackness and loss
Moonless destiny
are you worth the cost?
Memories wrap around me,
they haunt and twist my very soul
The fire of the sun… extinguished…
Shoreless ocean crashing against
never a home to return to…
Perpetual rain falling… infinitely…
no soil, no earth, no home…
No thirsty flowers with petals spread…
No hungry eyes for such beauty as this…
Lightening flashes
through the angriest of clouds…
to light the paths into oblivion…


Like a golden fire your lips burn into my soul
Kindling a flame that never will go out
Sweetly licking with its flame on my face
Opening the fountain of my Joy.

Your eyes pierce my soul with sweet agony
Love flowing with ecstasy unquenchable
Softly watering the garden of my being
Bringing fruit to the garden of my heart

Thigh to thigh we embrace and meet
Feeding and being fed again and again
Always desiring more and becoming whole
Love like ours can only heal

The ocean is calling deep unto deep singing of desire and strength deep currents in my heart wanting you feeling a passion unmatched hunger so great reaching and searching for your love and touch St Elmo’s fire is glowing on my heart with a light of beauty

I swim to you and gaze on your beauty naked before me
kindling a fire so hot and so loving embracing you embracing me I kiss you and feel the ocean move in response singing a yes for Love your breast melt against me and the ocean says Yes

So hot the ocean boils with the light and life of our love
You open to me and I enter with a holy hush of joy and heat feeling you answering me we move together and kiss as love moves quicker now the ocean joins us as one and the Song is sung – Joy


Summer winds blow hot a song of desire and passion
blood heat singing a song to you and you reach deep and answer softly
with tongues of fire I kiss you and light like a golden river enflames my heart with lust and love
sweetly your thighs open and a delicious smell of passion and figs beckons me to taste and feed my hunger for you –
feeling your hot breasts caressing my lips with tender want and desire.
Your eyes are rivers of desire and I plunge in and swim the currents of passion –
my heart speaks to you and you answer – softly beckoning gently but with strength
and I love you my hands write poetry on your body – ever deeper and with passion
I enter you and feel the heat and light like a roaring fire so consuming your body is like a temple of worship –
and I bow down and love you softly touching you kissing you sucking your womanhood like a fruit from the gods
My manhood is strong and deep in you like a pillar of rock – deeper and deeper –
Hearing your heart and answering your desire – flesh to flesh heart to heart soul to soul – we unite and are made



Dark brown hair against a silver face glowing with joy and life Her breasts so rich and hungry for touch and heart song She walks in the light like a spirit from the sun – caressing the dawn and kissing the wind.

So sweet her lips so fragrant her hair – touching my soul and stroking my heart with her presence – flowing like a river in the dawning of the day.

I love her and bless her head with my hands so soft and so firm feeling her being opening up to me warm and sweet.

She knows I want her and she me – It is a song of joy and a song of love – Heart to heart and soul to soul walking in fragrant light and laying down on
roses from the sun – We are made one


Two hearts singing a song reaching to touch each others souls deep unto deep swirling and caressing the substance of being light like a cloak moving to cover and warm the cold hurt of life like a divine gift healing and bringing joy to your heart

hand to hand we touch and see the light of friendship glowing in each others eyes and a bonding of the soul
I kiss you and your soul sings to me I touch you and the ocean brings forth life

Poem Two :

Slowly she beckoned to me a thirsty traveler
with eyes of emerald green and thighs so sweet
gently she lay down the petals of her womanhood glistening to me with a smell of dessert perfume beckoning me to drink

I knelt before her spread legs which held the flower of my desire lowering my head, like a bee I plunged my tongue deep and drank sweetness and heat flowing over me I could but drink in ecstasy

Her flower as a ripe fig so sweet to my taste her breasts nursing the hunger of my soul her lips sweetly stroking my heart with desire

I drank and ate and felt joy



The fig is so beautiful when ripe – brown and sensuously sweet waiting for the bite of a hungry tongue piercing with the mouth feeling the unfolding of its sweetness to the hunger of he who eats

Hanging in the sun feeling the warmth and growth coming as it promises joy and laughter to the traveler- lovely and succulent like the erotic gift of the gods to remind man that he must love woman 🙂

So vulnerable and ready to be eaten – the fig is the vulva and the tongue the cock -probing and taking the jam into the mouth feeling its richness and sweetness satisfying the soul.

The cock goes into woman and tastes her sweetness so full of desire and promise – Man must always eat of woman to be complete.

“You Are Mine”

You are mine
I know heads turn as you walk by
Men secretly admire the fullness of your womanly hips
That delight me so
That are mine to clutch in lust, as I revel in your surrender
I have aroused you, the evening has passed well,
The flirting, the touches, the sweet words
I know you are in the mood and your lissome body will be mine to have tonight
I have caressed and kissed deep,
There is the flush on your nose as you lie limp
You readily let me undress you, biting, kneading, scratching, slapping,
Your thighs part readily, but I keep away from the core,
As you clutch and tug at my erection
I whisper a hot story
And you are openly panting and moaning
I speak of another imaginary lover having you, and you are still
But the moans are restless
I bring relief
Touching the slick hot swollen area that you hide, thighs together
But now wantonly offering for my touch,
And you come quick and hard like a man clutching buttocks
Rock hard convulsing
I join you now, the pleasure great, but I hold on and talk hot,
Make you talk dirty
You join the hot talk, and repeat the hot obscenities,
But still not venturing new
Fools pump, I clutch those marvelous buttocks and jam tight
Against the back of your thighs and cheeks
I don’t withdraw a bit but change angles
And press up hard against your heaviness, rubbing belly to clit
You come and I survive
Now it’s for me, and you turn over willingly for me
Offering your heaviness, and I join
You know the tremble in my legs is of extreme arousal,
The hoarse cry of pleasure
I wallow in the delight of joining
However I may crush her, thrust upon her, she understands
And like a mother breastfeeding her infant offers herself
Oh those silky depths, slick and hot, the smooth expanse of taut back
Holding the narrow smooth waist and the incredibly full heavy hips
My personal heaven, my world, for now mine,
For now, this here exists, tomorrow shall be another day
But this here is mine


All alone ~ waiting for you
Ready to continue
Memories are beginning
To seep through the veil
I can’t tell what
Then you…
The resurgence of you
The bells don’t sound
The sparks don’t fly
Can this be him? I ask myself
I’d recognize you, wouldn’t I?
I’m him, you whisper
The one you’re awaiting
From times of ancient
From eternity past
I’m back for you
They’re testing us this time
Our roles are such a paradox
Putting us through the trial
Mortal life ~ fatal life
Ephemeral life
They’ve lowered the curtain
Concealed the past
Left us all alone
To fend for ourselves
Without our identities
To test our incessant love
My memory has been erased
I’m unaware of who you are
My spiritual, celestial soul-mate
Left alone ~ we are
With no knowledge
Of the test we are taking
Proving our eternal love
To pass the criterion
To prove worthy of
The Sacred Union
Not aware of the real benefit
Of our Earthly tribulation
If we can hold on
To win our prize
To unveil the truth
Allowing us to join as one


“I Quiver”

Memories of past moments
Flood my soul
I quiver
Words spoken so sweet
Yet to the point
And gentle
Feeling hungry
Ready to feast
Awaiting your mouth
Hearing your voice
Listening to your pleasure
Wanting to touch you
Waiting to drink
Sleeping awaits my heart
Dreams of you

Memories of past moments
Flood my soul
I quiver


One Sweet Kiss…

And it started here with just one kiss
awkward and misplaced.
Yet warm within and hungered more
beneath the skin I chased.

I reached up slow and took her face
in hands and with my lips
and steadied there
in longing for
the taste of just One Kiss.

So turned affections came undone
beneath the skin I missed.
And I would always be inspired…
the taste of that One Kiss.

Her mouth leaned in and brought her soul
small breasts then pressed on mine
And passion flowed as if she’d known
the touch we’d been denied.

Her lips touched me with fire and life
beneath the skin
I missed.
But I filled her as a male inspired…
from just that single kiss.

In the hours that passed with no remorse
from me or her sweet bliss
there would never ever come a day to
taint that just One Kiss.

But lovers come and often do
go tumbling far away from you.
Do not look back, remember this:
the passion of that One Sweet Kiss.

-N.N. Jones
One hard breath between them… that’s all it took to touch.
Bodies barely rubbing with a thought, so close, too much.
One body one the bed, sweat dripping down those lines
With rivulets of anticipation, so wet, so close, so…mine
Restraints are kept in place, shivering with desire
I don’t think I can hold it in, this passion, all this fire
His skin, just too damn smooth
Like silk upon my tongue
And underneath this warmth, this promise that we’ve become
I can see what I can’t touch
I can feel what I can’t taste
These lines fall fast around us
On this bed, upon this face
His hands are in my hair, pulling me to him
One line runs down between us, shimmering, oh so thin
So easy just to break it, to let that passion in
To tighten all those places no hand was meant to touch
To bend the branches of his trees with wind to barely brush…
The scattering of feelings, of sight, of sense of smell
Of his body pouring over mine
My well too deep to fill
I’m weeping at his mercy
Begging to be fed
That hunger keeps on raging
The beast is brought to bed
The lips are barely moving
Down the body up the thighs
Of things not meant to open
Now ripped are open wide
Sensation pouring over us, into the cracks we made
This promise getting harder, in this very bed we lay
Dissolving in the essence of two halves now made a whole
Never truly parting, these walls are shaped in stone.
Enter in upon us, one inch by solid inch
Slowly, oh so slowly, giving none while taking in
These hands will roam our bodies
These mouths will feed our soul
These eyes will drink the very line that kept us from the cold
Never truly giving, not willing to receive
We learn what’s brought before us, we’ll take this time in need
Forgiveness just a nightmare, scattered at our feet
Like dreams we’ll run forever, falling in defeat
Caught at the edge of darkness, where the passions run untold
Into each other’s hearts we’ll find our fantasies unfold…



I dread your presence in my bed.
Your tears at my ineptitude.
I long to change the package of my love
to hide my pain.

My talons grope your loveliness
leaving weeds.
Unsex me now in my power
that I grovel to bring.

Those tears melt my being
leaving only source
clipped at my fountainhead.
I burst, and the shards of my mistaken, insouciant love
score deep beneath my butchers hide.

-Louis Phillips


Trickle for me tales of flesh
In little bits
From mind awakening to day
At loves first burst.
What’s first?
A new sensation in the loins
A birth
A procreation
To console
Life’s turpitude.

These lazy men who never
Stirred a female soul to inner light
They never see life’s fountainhead.
For sprung from warmth and juice
Indeed they are.

From a ranting mage of commerce
Sourced easy blood does fly.
He makes no dent on life.
Its in the heart
Where freedom springs
And female floods begin.

This mother of existence
In who, passion finds its source
Can touch the hearts of many with her

A babies head comes wanting
A brand new person day.
And all that mothers caring
Will compose
That life.

So test her now
With fingers touch
And urge forth
Tender love.
The well spring is
Of all things rooted here.

-Louis Phillips

His hands quite calm
Moved slowly
Testing all loves spots.
Moving close to her desire.
So slowly searching for the knot
The cusp of love
Her centre.

And when this spot
It did with certainty attain
It lingered…
Tracing all the shape and many textures there.

Her body moved now, stirred by ancient fire
It coalesced that hand
And took it deep inside,
to wanton buried pleasures warmth.

And still life moved to touch this faerie fire.
And warm itself again.
And stayed till rivers issued forth.

-Louis Phillips
Aphrodite is a psychology course
this silence you can’t get it back
in vain you read your future in your palm
kathabasis fits to the soul
with leather of stone
you can kiss your hand in silence
but this silence you can’t get it back
not even in the grave
the apple is being bitten in order for the leg of
the girlfriend to be kissed
is raising on the toes
the girlfriend is a more recent psychology course too
the origin of the words under the walls
silt raped by the sink man’s leg
I call my name for help
destiny cut down steaf of reed is swimming
under the black moon of the marsh
not even a line between the shadow of the star and
her face
the brick colored blood in the wall is rising
the silt is groaning deep
the marsh is kissing in zigzag
the belly of the land
the fecund clinching of the word of the tongue
static’s nature. about war
my dreams died
fading away
in the vase
I ask for my blindness
and my right
to yell inside
all the beauty of this moment
is transposing in a bouquet
of wounds
the almond tree is not a reference point
you move from line to line
with all your furniture after you where is warmer if
you like it or not
I just asked you
why are you loading your soul
with one more syllable
can’t you see that he can’t carry anymore
and it’s starting to go back
only if you could settle down
in your verse and you would assume
the title or another combination
and maybe you don’t have to find something
to rhyme with quetzalcoatl
the shoulder of the star pushes the vault of haven
towards morning
the man took off his meninx
and he dreams to a third
craved hemisphere
in the ball
is more palpable the hearing without the sough of
the arachnid
the whey is fettering every where
the well-worn paths of Solomon
don’t lead you anywhere
someone thought to a depraved statue
a woman undressed of her meninx
only the shoulder of the star
is still pushing a reverse galaxy
you’d better do the pact with Hermes
riding a vermis and forget
all the fruits
then it’s about
an ordinary Adam
and an Eva in the hypostasis of mating
without leafs
and without their meninx
in the opening of the evening
although that star pushes
the night out through the window

Thank you very much and please excuse my grammatical

-Adrian Lesenciuc, residing in Brasov, Romania



Trapped in a spinning web of doubt
Never knowing how to get out
Even though you scream and shout
Your voice is never heard

You tell your inner most deepest thoughts
And let people in on your softest spots
They don’t understand even though they’ve sought
You’re beginning to feel unloved

They don’t even try so they still don’t know
How the seeds of your soul begin to grow
They don’t care… that is all they show
And you wonder, why wait any more?

Your head is saying, “stay they might change”
Your heart is screaming, “get out of this pain”
You feel you’re in a storm full of rain
And you can’t see what lies before you

You figure it out and finally leave
Taking a chance of where you will be
Because you are gone they finally see
What they could’ve done to change this

By now the damage is already done
The devil on your left has already won
And now you are able to see the sun
And get happier everyday

essence denied.

mirrored in eyes,
attempting disguise,
in a world where the id is the I;

is so much reflected,
in a world disconnected,
as flesh, destined to die;

with essence disguised,
essence resides,
as woe, till to me, I reply…

-Tim F.


Hold me tight my caramel spy,
Squeeze tight my neck with those thighs so fine
Crush against me your soft cleft
That I may deeply drink the divinity
Of your luscious wet pussy.
Let it’s holy-oil drip upon my pouting lips
And wash my scorching flesh in its sweetness.
Oh light of my life
I only love but thee
Deeper than the sea
Thy love is sweeter than the sting from the bee.


Lakota Indian Prayer

“I asked God for wealth, that I might have power;
I was given poverty, that I might find my inner strength.
I asked for fame, so that others may know me;
I was given obscurity, that I may know myself.
I asked for a person to love that I might never be alone,
I was given the life of a hermit, that I might learn to accept myself.
I asked for power, that I might achieve,
I was given weakness that I might learn to obey.
I asked for health, that I might lead a long life.
I was given infirmity, that I might appreciate each minute.
I asked Mother Earth for strength, that I might have my way.
I was given weakness, that I might feel the need for Her.

I asked to live happily, that I might enjoy life.
I was given life that I might live happily.
I received nothing I asked for, yet all my wishes came true.
I am richly blessed, more than I had ever hoped.

Thank you, God, for what you have given me.”

-Lakota Indian Prayer


The Beauty of Woman

The beauty of a woman is not in
The clothes she wears
The figure she carries
Or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman
Must be seen from her eyes,
Because that is the doorway to her heart,
The place where love resides.
The beauty of a woman
Is not in a facial mole,
But true beauty in a woman
Is reflected in her soul.
It is the caring that she lovingly gives,
The passion that she shows,
The beauty of a woman
With passing years -only grows.