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Meditation on The Form & The Formless

The Form & The FormlessForm rises from the Formless,
is held and sustained by the Formless,
and eventually returns to the Formless,
to be cast again as a new Form.
At all times the Form and the Formless are One,
forever and ever.
There is nothing less than the Formless,
or greater than the Formless,
for the Formless is the No-Thing
that births and destroys All-Things.
To bring forth Form, the Formless partitions itself,
sections off a part of itself, like the drawing of a circle
on a blank canvas.
But that parcel does NOT ever and can never exist
outside of the Formless; it can never be separated from it.
The Form and the Formless are always ONE.
Form, when it has served its purpose,
when it can no longer aid the growth of the Formless,
because of its own limitation,
is then reabsorbed by the Formless,
to come forth again as a new Form.
Space = the No-Thing, the Formless.
Matter = Every-Thing in Form.
Matter is a division of space,
a sectioning off of itself…
form-ation / cre-ation…
the drawing of lines and boundaries within,
in order to make a shape, a thing, a be-ing.
Space gives rise to all things, sustains all things,
dissolves all things, connects all things,
evolves all things.
A thing sees itself as separate,
set-apart, special… and it is…
because it was purposed and created,
brought forth by the No-Thing TO BE some-thing…
It has a reason for being because the No-Thing
desired it to come about… imagined it into beingness,
seeded it by the very thought of it.
The things brought forth by the No-Thing are the
perpetual builders, the workers, the tools by which the
No-Thing is establishing creation, the kingdom that is to come,
the perfect Form…