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The Quest

Love Poem The Quest

The Quest, a Love Poem

Your black tower calls in my brightest hour,
Pleading for me to keep my own power,

Whispering come back, by false love be subdued,
But I know in that place I will not be renewed.

So I raise my shield and stand in what’s real,
Protecting myself from all that you feel,

Raw emotions that churn your mind like a wheel,
As it plots how to keep my heart it would steal.

I too there wept at the glory of He,
And sang with the angels to set Him free,

As hung He there dying on that cross,
For the sins of the world as we cried for our loss.

I kept slaves in bondage as Queen of the Nile,
Was there at the start to see Adam smile.

Tasted the fruit that the serpent did offer,
And carried the blame for why all men suffer.

Yes my love, the Quest is eternal,
And to it we’re bound, the urge calls supernal.

The moment is now, there is no other,
So put down your hate and become a lover.

Indeed God is ALL, oh yes God is One,
Yet in so many sights He still seems undone.

How can I rest, go off to star in some play,
When so many others cry on this day?

How can I lay my sword on the ground,
Walk away from the light in my heart that’s been found,

From the cause that rings true and in my soul cries,
The one that brings tears of joy to my eyes?

The time is now, the time for might,
To stand up and shout, this is what’s right.

To love one another, not each make our own mark,
For that path is separate, alone in the dark.

It is in truth, this song I must follow,
My dear sweet one, for all else is hollow.