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Soul Mate Profile

This was the profile written by my soul mate, as posted on Alan Joseph Leo Martin, Jr WANTED: SOULMATE REWARD: Eternity in Love DISTINCTIVE MARKS: Long hair, hypnotic eyes, black/white scars on the soul. Little make-up. Sensual yet self-tempered like a fine blade. Open hearted.


Soul Mate Definition

There are many opinions about what a soul mate is or if they even exist. The romanticized belief is that we all have a soul mate, our other half in polarity from whom we split at the beginning of time, two hearts that will one


Soul Mate Test

Take The Simplest Soul Mate Test Ever It’s This Easy… If you’re wondering if the person you are with now is your soul mate, if you have to ask, then the answer is NO! When you are with your soul’s true mate, YOU WILL KNOW IT!!!

Angel Devil Hearts

Soulmate Poems

Poems from my soul mate… We met on, August 15, 2002. My screen name was Poetress Seeks Inspiration and his was One More Silver Dollar. Read the soul mate profile he wrote that told me he was the one. I knew it before we