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Soul Mate Definition

SoulmatesThere are many opinions about what a soul mate is or if they even exist. The romanticized belief is that we all have a soul mate, our other half in polarity from whom we split at the beginning of time, two hearts that will one day reunite to make a whole, and live out eternity as one.

Dictionaries define a soulmate as being “one of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity.” Regardless of your personal belief about what a soulmate is, it is possible to attract a partner with whom you can experience unconditional love and acceptance.

I know, because I found my soul mate, that soul mate love far surpasses chemical attraction. True love overcomes all duality, role playing, ego, pride, and superficiality. But before you can attract this kind of love into your life, you must first learn to give it to yourself. Find out how here.

It is most sublime when the coming together of soul-mates is the outcome of spiritual development, and they are of higher consciousness. Let go of your desire for, and attachment to woman or man right now, and concentrate on finding the God-within-You first. First and foremost be your own Soul-mate, your own Helpmate… totally in love with and devoted to Yourself – Your Spirit – the God within you that you are… Then, and only then, after you have become attached to that God-The Universal One that you are, and found inner and outer harmony and become “in love with” and devoted to Yourself- not as a separate identity, but connected to and at One with the Universal Spirit, will those who should be with you in Oneness of Spirit, be with you in the universal harmony that you are imagining. -Borrowed from The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis

I verify through my own experience, that the above words are true, that I found my soul mate by finding my self, and through the realization that I am One with God, the Universal Spirit, first and foremost.

Soul Mates

As the Sun & The Planets,
Are We In True Form.
Lovers One, Yet Seeming Apart,
Elements of One Flow When In Our Right Way.
Separate and Opposite, When Lost Is The Way.
One Being With Multiple Parts,
Before Time On Earth.
Male and Females,
Lost on the Earth.
The Female Elements of Each Soul-ar System,
Orbiting Like Planets on
The Outer Reaches of Us.
Were the First to Enter
The New Space of Earth.
Tempted and Allured,
They Separated From
The Male Elements, and Reversed Polarity,
Becoming Like Male Elements,
Out of Balance.
The Male Elements
Were the Next Exposed.
And Reversing Polarity,
They Became As Female Elements.
The Former Male Elements
Now Reversed in Polarity,
Turned From The One,
And Towards The Former Female Elements.
Now All had Reversed Roles,
And Lost Their Place With the One.
All Were Out of Universal Harmony and Flow.
Planets No Longer Attracted to Suns
By Their Gravity.
And No Longer Orbiting The Suns.
Now Suns Chase The Planets
And Chaos Reigns In The World of Humans.
Now For the Return
Thee Order of The Fall Must Be Reversed
You Who Would Find Your Soulmates
Men, Seek Not Women
Seek God First
Then Accept The Women Who Come to You
With Unselfish Love
Women, Attempt Not, to Change a Man
Seek God First
And Find a Man Who
Is One With the One
A Man Who Sought God First. -Borrowed from The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis