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Me and my soul mate…

This was the profile written by my soul mate, as posted on

My Soul Mate

Alan Joseph Leo Martin, Jr


REWARD: Eternity in Love

DISTINCTIVE MARKS: Long hair, hypnotic eyes, black/white scars on the soul. Little make-up. Sensual yet self-tempered like a fine blade. Open hearted.

DISPOSITION: Pensive, curious, patient, & spontaneous. Daring, down to earth. Insightful. Laughs at self. Knows love as the greatest success.

TENDENCIES: Builds sky castles. Random acts of kindness. If out numbered her sights stay high. Makes faces in the mirror & in public. Shares massages.

FEARS: Mediocrity. A life alone. Failed dreams.

SUCCESS PROBABILITY: 1 in 400 billion. Let’s break all odds.

LAST SEEN: at the intersection of the primordial big bang when the game of hide & seek began.

If you mimic sanity well, read between the lines w/o a map for jokes or hazard zones, lust after exploring the macroscope, or have circled the universe looking for a loophole, then let’s talk til’ dawn over escape plans. Our alchemy will transform the unbearable into mere whimsical moments artfully dodged.

I’ve satisfied my questions, done all I’ve wanted to do alone. What’s incomplete is you by my side. Though I’ve forgotten your face, I miss the smile that affirms my true purpose. I miss twined hands viewing mountains, forests, or a night-sky littered with twinkling dreams. I miss the taste of your kiss. I yearn daily as if an irreparable sin looms should we fail to meet.

This is the final frontier, the Quantum Leap of a Simple Man Young at Heart. Nothing Else Matters! So Come Sail Away, Right Here, Right Now to live the only Impossible Dream I know, a Ray of Light Across the Universe Walking on the Sun Somewhere Over the Rainbow Singing in the Rain, in that Wonderful World Somewhere in Time where the Good Souls are all Made of Stars looking to the Brighter Side of Life in this Bitter Sweet Symphony. Time After Time, Let It Be Me, not Alone Again Naturally in a Mad World. Just Dream a Little Dream of Me, Get Here & Imagine!