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SoulmatesPoems from my soul mate…

We met on, August 15, 2002. My screen name was Poetress Seeks Inspiration and his was One More Silver Dollar. Read the soul mate profile he wrote that told me he was the one. I knew it before we even met. We were married in May of 2007 and are blessed to have a gorgeous daughter.


March 2006
Note on my desk when I woke up:

Good Morning Love Eyes,

Your presence soothes me like the sighs of an enchanted forest. When you are near I think of soft things…


May 9, 2006
I woke up to this handwritten note on my desk:

Dear Shelley,

When I find myself with quiet moments all my own, I follow my thoughts to a gentle spaced wrapped around you. Like a cloud cradling the Earth in perfect peace. I hope our life together continues as it has, growing more deeply in love, growing in prosperity, and moving ever closer to realizing our dreams.
I love you, I’m in love with you, and if you’re in love with me check this box.

FLG (Fluffy Lamb Guy)

March 29, 2005

You’re so beautiful to me

Words tumble from me,
Falling off of my tongue,
For you shine with such radiance
Sometimes it strikes me dumb.

I love your laugh and torrent,
Your rapture and Love,
How you’re always analyzing
Wrapped all in the above.

You are so beautiful to me,
I love how you care so,
All a full with sweet schemes,
As each and everyday goes
Up the threshold to dreams

You’re my sweet mystic QP,
My tart gypsy queen,
You’re my puzzle put piecer
When I come apart at the seams

I hope that you know now,
I’m always intune with you.
Our own special brew Glow Tao,
You’ve the heart of a muse.

You’re so beautiful to me

August 15, 2004
2nd Year Anniversary Poem:

From Soul to Soul and Heart to Heart
Few are the days that our minds are apart.
Your face still lingers long after your gaze,
Your haunting eyes set my heart all ablaze.

When the sea of man’s desire is amidst a great storm,
Your gentle embrace brings a peace that is warm.
Two years have now passed since your voice I first hear.
Many more will sure come as we grow ever near.

What a journey it’s been my sweet other half,
And by the look of the stars there’s much more to last.
As I’ve oft’ said love’s to small a sound
To explain this wild enchantment the two of us found.

Happy Anniversary QP
Forever Love,

Note to Self

Perhaps I should tell Shelley. I do not know if it’s a function of my lonely soul suddenly engaged with someone who finds me compelling, interesting after so long a spell alone and pining. Yet, I feel comfortable with her, I like her soul, I like how she feels and smells, I like that I feel a dance with her of something deeper, or is it just an illusion of desperation so longing for such a mood. She gets in me, she has carried me these two weeks, and my despair has all but faded. She tickles me, and I sense her love, as she senses mine, we are both just a drift in each others arms, learning to turn an eye from the temptations abounding. She has accepted, she will participate, I fear making too much of her, both that I may lose her, and one day wander again paths of light or dark. I do not forecast, I’ll just dance and see to what depth our feet tangle. I am afloat like a teenager, and life seems no great chore. She has filled my empty heart and I wonder what will become of its flowing over.
Something deep has awakened in me
Some kind of new fire that has allowed me to see
I find our two souls are a bridge to divines
The rainbow is budding in your heart and mine.
So let each new breath bear a steadfast heart
Let each new thought no longer tear you apart
The eternals above have bestowed a sweet grace
A gift I am certain each time our hearts face.
More than imagination have you taught me of trust
A faith forgotten by the world’s own lust.
But there is indeed much of happening way deep inside
Clear that I must, to survive, eat my pride.
So if I may be so bold, please lend me an ear.
“From hence forth, Shelley, let us slay all of fear!”
If a dark thread of doubt makes you weak
A deep breath will grant the balance you seek.
I shall lend you my fire to help keep your light bright
As you have fanned my own desires to take up the fight.
With the purest love I hope to ever know.
You hold my heart in your hands my maiden of the moon.
When the light shines on me I turn black.
I’ve killed guilt,
But not the hunt to leave it slaughtered in the streets.
I know not which way I shall go, and it does not matter.

Butterfly eyes and snuggle lamb fluff,

Fret not over what others do think,
The love in your heart tickles me pink.
All the treasures in nature, you marvel still,
All the tiniest creatures you don’t will to kill.
Who of this world knows a frog, heart and sword?
Only you my dear Shelley, your soul’s my reward.
So we cling to dear life each other in arm,
While the galaxy visits seasons of unpredictable charm.
A fortune to some may be of paper that’s green,
But you my young lass are the crème of the scheme.
May our days as one bring you indescribable cheers,
So leave it to me to catch all your tears.
I know that at times life busts at the seams,
But we’ll weather these storms to give chase to our dreams.
Yet let it be said, and said with no lies,
If a stuffed animal stares, it gets two in the eyes.

Just know you’re my storm of good tidings; Come back to my shore.

Come Union
For you my sweet, from the bottom of my heart, the mind in my soul, the taste of the universe on your lips.

Where you go, I wish to fly.
Seeing like you thru child’s eye.
Where you’re free, I wish to play,
Each new morn a brand new day,
With you, my love.

Where you wander, I steal stones.
What you squander, is the world’s loan.
Where you love, I wish to live.
What you offer, I wish to give,
Back To you, My love,
Back to you.

Were you a star, you’d be my sun.
Never too far, but always as one.
If ye be a butterfly, than I am your tree.
Be you a fearsome horse, your steed I shall be,
To run with you my love,
To run with you.

One look from your eyes, you carry me home,
A perfect peace I’ve never known.
As a night tide beacon shines your soul,
Helps to shoulder this elephant’s toll.
The world is light, with you my love,
Light with you.

I have reason for thanks, being in your wake,
I’d give you my life for old Pete’s sake.
We are each other, perfect fractured mirrors,
So to your Everlands my boat faithfully steers,
To be with you my love,
To be with you.

So my Gypsy of the clan of Drake,
May I with you share days we wake.
For you’ve unthorned my wing’d heart,
And quenched a flaming helm of darkest art.
Let’s plot out all our wanted dreams,
Pick up the gauntlet and summon our teams.
For you’re the why of air, I hear told in the wind,
And a violet hot fire’s passionate virtue and sin.

Tutcht, the Mach Poet from the 23rd century A.D. Last seen on his Phoenix from Beyond, sailing skyward to far flung realms with a Dark Moon Maiden riding a Griffon.

I Love you, Q-P

Thinking about you…
I think about you when I’m alone.
I think about you when I think of home.
I think about you when I am sane,
I think of you, and vanquish all pain.

I think about you when I’m at play,
I think about you when you’re away.
I think of days now as rare sweet gifts.
I thrill in your eyes of butterfly mist.

I think that you are my soul’s own cure.
I think my heart has found its lure.
I think I see with you our better selves
Magicians, warriors, healers, poets in all of our stealth.

I think about you when I sleep,
I think about you when I’m counting sheep.
I think that we are still souls unborn,
Tilling earnestly til’ the world not mourn.

For in this world upon which we alight,
Every soul seeks to own its right,
To be that very seed of birth,
To heal the heart and give rise to Earth.

I think about you when thunder rolls
I think about you when the devil tolls.
I long to feel your heart near mine.
Ours beating closer to harmonious time.

I think about you my better half.
I think about you with a tickled laugh.
I think about you when I Fa-So-La-Tee-Do.
I think I can’t imagine ever letting you go.

I think I like your eyes on me,
But can’t really fathom what you see.
Know that sometimes storms do still tremor my heart,
But my love for you can’t be torn all apart.

Of this love, I always hope curiously,
To bring forth a kingdom like those heavenly.
But ‘tis your voice I forever long to gleefully hear,
An ancient siren’s call ever-drawing me near.

I think talking to you all the night long
Is really a walk filled with moon song.
I’d lay not too quietly there by your side,
A gentle seashore, softly embraced by the tide.

No I haven’t long lost me to steal a throne.
I too commit union to make you my own.
I watch you for hours beaming with pride.
I thank lucky stars that I’m kicking alive.

I think you give reason to raise forth my swift sword.
I think life without you would be the cruelest old course.
I think all thoughts are better with you,
A bonding of souls that seems utterly true.

I think about you when I dream of grace,
Haloed by sweet virtues in so hard a place.
I think every passing with the tell of your day,
Unquivers my heart’s arrows to fire away.

We’re of great Oaks that fell down from on high,
Spirits touching earth thru sun, moon and sky.
Heaven beams thru your eyes, heart and soul.
With you my sweet darling the dice I will roll.

You are a star that knows my true name,
A partner in love to teach me the game.
Numbers know no poets that keep steady rhyme.
But numbers of words are still to come forth in time.

An Endless Search
If somehow by the will of all worlds,
I lost you to forever,
I’d search an eternity’s galactic swirls
Longing for our together.

For as big as I could imagine
A mate to my soul in dreams.
I would have never fathomed
One so exquisite as you, it seems.

And if by chance you wanted me not,
Into a cave my heart would sure fall.
But I’d pick up the pace and summon my pluck
And learn to plunge back out into it all.

You must know this one thing to tell of my heart.
This is from a muse so true,
I’d venture a universe thrice deep as far,
To find another such as you.

You are stitched to my heart,
To your love I am bound.
You make life seem like art,
My soul mate I finally found.


From the onset of our fancies
Construct we our fated hope-so soul,
Beset with peculiarities,
Uncovered in this maze we undergo.

A heart in superior property,
A mind with music’s dance,
A spirit that longs to be free,
A mood so shaped by glance.

Yet, it is in tangible features
That the weary find cause to bear,
For seeing so noble a creature
In the tilt of your head, the tint of your hair.

The light cast of your eyes,
What source forges that tranquil grin?
You seem a measure of surprise,
Yet, I recognize something therein.

Some call it a sigh in the soul,
Or the muse of the poet’s quick tongue.
Others, nary a glance, do know
That any word brings the magic undone.

So with effort in this rhyme,
Yes to you these only lyrics I reveal,
No romance is a deep-cut crime,
And you, an uncanny forge of a dream I feel.

Thus your ‘Fun Spirit’ is idea manifest,
Perhaps chiseled from my hope high-born,
A gentle-born beauty, that I must confess,
Shines in this eye like the sun of a new morn.

So please don’t take me the fool,
As words thus written are often judged.
Merely fashioned I, an ice-break tool
So allow yourself no grudge.

So grace me with an echo,
An answer if you will.
The hour is late as you know,
Do urgent hearts find their fill?

For far too long I have wandered,
In search of that genuine soul,
Who exchanges all I’ve squandered,
My burdens, for a solid heart of gold.

Hippity Hop ain’t got no pop as he bounces down the path, the sure disaster from a turtle faster, will have you feelin’ the rabbit’s wrath.
Mack and Jack don’t take no crap fussin’ over frilly foals, but Stan and Jan got a much better plan to drag them over coals.


One day I asked a Traveler,
‘Prey tell me where to go?’
‘Name your space and times,
Then the place I will show.’

‘I said, anywhere but here,
For this is naught but pain.
With consequence unfolding,
I cannot stake my claim.’

He showed an open doorway,
Gave me my free pass.
There it was before me,
The passage for which I’d asked.

The portal was of magma,
Overlapping triangles three.
Of form and aim and boundary,
That was completely up to me.

The gift it had no string,
For I was free to escape.
To any place or any time,
In the great cosmic ‘scape.

I had an instant dawning,
Heart and mind friends anew.
For that privilege of a soul,
I could wholly say Thank You.

As far as I could remember,
I had sought a missing half.
Now with absolute scope before me,
I reeled back and laughed.

Here and now was no grand cage.
Evo-lusion just mid course.
This becoming would be my gauge,
Forging on to drink the source.

Who I was I chose,
What was missing I had hid.
No more holy grails,
I had peaked that pyramid.

While the human hand does harvest,
And the mind broadsides the sun,
The heart transcends frontiers,
As the soul just has some fun.

‘Now beware,’ the traveler did caution,
‘Of another’s scheme, do not mock.
For even photons in the sun,
Think they’re on a cold and lifeless rock.’

5-27 2004

O’ dearest baby, with eyes a bright,
Won’t you be my QP tonight?
With rough tumble arms I’ll hold you firm,
Not too tightly as I love how you squirm.
And lay yourself on me a loving pillow all yours,
Forget all your worries and those daily chores,
And breath in a rhythm that is all our own,
For wrapped in your arms is where I am home.
Take not your love from this ancient old heart,
Let not deep sorrows tear us apart.
Just keep up those smiles, those struts and those squeaks,
And merge with my soul where we sleep deep in peace.


To My Sweet Shelley Dream,

You’re the sun in my morning, the moon in my night.
Every little bit of you feels just right.
You’re the reason for my haste at the end of the day,
My private spring season though winter holds sway.

Your kiss makes me linger, your smile makes me sing.
The touch of your soul gives my heart wings.
When you are beside me, I’m still dreaming of you,
Knowing I’ve found a love that is true.

You’re a white star in my sky in mid-afternoon,
The reason the cow done jumped over the moon.
When I climb through your windowy eyes,
You shush all questions of where’s, what’s and whys.

So this, our second act, in a valentine’s play,
Still going strong, hope you don’t mind if I stay.
Please take all of my heart, sweet Q-boo-P-do
For the rest of my years I long to love only you.


I love you.

I hereby declare that I shalt do better than my best to not be the harbinger of tears, but rather he who draws them far from thine eye. Find peace in turmoil, and then you’re a master. Remember… you are what you imagine yourself to be along the way.

My Dearest Love,
With the scent of you still fresh on me,
With eyes so deep and vast as the sea,
I have not a fear to be swallowed up whole,
All your harshest sways I with vow to roll.
And with a tickle in my heart which I believe cures all around,
At our each new encounter I know true love has been found.
I know your deep struggle needs but a moment’s pause,
And I will only ever help purse string your cause.
So With a phrase that rhymes certain in echoes three
I love you
I love you
I love you,
Is all I wish to say unto thee.


United States of Ecstasy

Two desperate lovers firmly entwined,
dance like a beating heart.
Perfect rhythm about to ignite
in a brainstorm of love and unknown art.

Upon an altar white they writhe,
shameless monks in chant abound.
From stained glass on high,
a shadowed snake is bound.

In seeps a holy light
and weaves them in a prism of fire,
A cocoon of impossible colors
even silences the choir.

A star screams in orgasm
as a new form reworks shape.
Like mad sculptress’s refining hot clay
eager for escape.

Their souls ignite, each blessed sinew
like spun glass aglow
From the rampage of her charge
to the victory athwart his foe

In a glorious enrapture,
a congregation once hostile now sings.
For from right out of their backs
have unfurled colossal wings.

With but a shrug of their shoulders
this new feature freed
Great angelic dominion,
Just rule from majestic deed

Some say that a vision
is no more than a dream.
Some give it moments’ ponder,
others it reigns supreme.

Could not a being of such fixed passions
be a muse for worlds come?
And not even the wisest may say of us
what wild intimacies may be undone.

Trust now winds and wings
of which I thought wayward and forbidden.
As your feet too touch down only
to vault sky bound unhidden.

Each day you pluck chance lessons
from the strands of your fraying weave
To stitch within my soul
a tapestry the looks of which I can’t conceive.

We balk at The Bond and the elbowroom
in what must be but a larger cage,
For such as we make poor fettered beasts,
and find our ill at ease a shrunken rage.

Three simple words get tangled,
in our tongues in constant tide.
Of this I name no judge,
for too I soonly quick deride.

Are we then but pawns
to some trick of the mind?
Of this I think most likely,
charmed slaves in chains kind.

I wonder of the owner to the words,
which we stall.
I can number the reasons
I can argue them all.

Know then only this,
that we ride each other bareback
without reign.
We’ll rush headlong through barbwire
and bind all wounds of pain.

Yes, a divine play of light and shadow
wrestles too in your soul,
A rare and sleeping beauty
you are frantic to just show.

Yet in and by our reflections exposed,
we eclipse with brighter hues.
For in the mirror the roots seem firm,
we affirm to what we choose.

The image isn’t perfect
as the glass has cracks and flaws,
But for soul carvers suchlike us,
mere renderings to which the eye draws.

For a crack appears like lightening
in a sky of silver-white,
And the flaws are simply smudges
where we forget to polish right.

The Wrunged Man

I am ready for sleep in this rare deep black hour
I am ready but she calls out… my white tower.
So I tap the one source for the power to wield.
I ask for the words that shall steal a heal.

I have already seen the story of Christ, was there at first view.
I heard all the angels singing for what would soon be brand new.
I wandered the lands of the great Babylonian king
And wept when the serpent first learned how to sing.

I know of dreamers and task masters and the promises of the morn
I have already heard the distant call of Arch angel Gabriel’s horn.
The battle’s unfolding, warriors in many disguises
Only lifting up rocks for more golden surprises.

There have been kings and fools and magicians on this stage.
Jesters, poets and temptresses that role through the age.
There have been soldiers and mystics and masters with out of sight treats
And an encyclopedia of myth born creatures schooled in unfathomable feats.

Moon Maidens and black widow witches each too have their clones.
I may not know their full story but they all end in bones.
Yes each new illustrious evolution weaves in the mix.
Some new distant glimmering to enlighten life’s fix.

I have felt the free reign of nothing holding me down
And came back to find rich treasures littering the ground.
The gift is this life, the moment is now.
God is silver spoon, wooden fork and good old brown cow.

That which you yearn for is an eternal quest, time but a blink.
If you stand far too high even the clouds seem to sink.
It is just a play, choose your own role be it guy or be it gal.
What I know is there has never before been an AL.

I like what I’ve seen, that I hard struggle my fight.
I like that few could stand up to such plight.
I am free will; I am love and a thread of black hate.
I am given the right to choose my own fate.

Yes it hurts and it drags and it seems timely drudge
But looking for short cuts seems to summon the judge.
If no outcome is willed no outcome is built
With no commitment to bear what flowers will wilt.

I am mercy and lust and finest wrought rage.
I am the will of the ancients that bends the bars of this cage.
I like the contradictions, hypocrisies and puzzle paradoxes
A counter balance to keep great things from small boxes.

I like not knowing what will happen by noon.
I like when my heart gets turned by the moon.
I am pure fire thrice over and maybe a tad more there than here.
A wild card in a deck of absolutes that isn’t always clear.

I may be a Gollum or an Aragorn King.
Perhaps simply a steadfast Sam who has already passed back the ring.
But these are told tales some elements we share.
Yet unwritten remain rich chapters to dare.

If you are waiting for a divine guidance from realms above.
You will miss all the laughter that you’ve been dreaming of.
You are all that you haply free forged of low beast and high god.
Its both chaos and order that are plainly even and odd.

I feel your confusion as new choices prevail,
Afraid of rusty anchors, hard winds but no sails.
But the moon turns and the tides are new stirred.
But in the face of long struggle comes the shape of the cure.

Couldn’t a journey to somewhere begin at the dawn
Knowing the universe will catch us, or our wits be the brawn.
We are free spirits being fed man’s ghostly folk stories.
Addicted to old myths as we lose our own glories.

Hurry away to your wondrous tomorrow
Hurry away from the hardship and sorrow
My heart and my soul may take a strange shape in your head.
Respect has long fallen as you already figure me dead.

So my dreams are mist that have touched not a soul
My dreams are no gift but an empty black hole
No evidence of my passing as I am painted a fool
Find you no proof of a soul that is cooler than cool.

You were always a light shower, with storm and pizzazz
Trust me by now you are still all that jazz.
We were horizon’s mating of a universe to come,
But the virtue of patience comes quickly undone.

So Dreams are born from the craft Alchemy
An insane fate-filled choice with no written guaranty
I have all the keys and you all the locks.
Do we open the heavens or scatter the flocks.

Tide to shore is but a very old war of two armies in silent violent reunion. Man paints in the armor and swords and judges the winds of rushing hate, but it is merely a single wave accompanied by the sound of sighing snake as fire meets wood.

A B-Day Poem for Al

What words can I say, that have not already been said,
I ask myself, thoughts dancing round in my head

I want to give you a gift, something from me
that lets you know truly, what I want you to see

But no words will do justice, to my heart aching to tell
how I want to fill you with pride, and make your head swell

Every time you kiss my lips, my heart pounds in my finger tips
fever racing through my core, making me want you all the more

I need you by my side, on this long and crazy ride
through this Universe expanding, so to you the key I’m handing

While you’re away I am blue, because I miss you
your strong arms round my waist, as I’m kissing your face

No rhyme falls from my lips, as I try to write this
that will ever describe, how I really feel inside

There are no words to say, how I’m feeling today
that can ever tell my soul true

So I’ll leave you with these, though more you require to please
these three simple words, I love you.

Baby Boo